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About me

My name is Marcelo Garcia and I have a dual bachelor’s degree in Electronics & Computer Science. I mostly waste my time coding stuff and have been doing it since I was in middle school, initially using Q-Basic which I love mostly out of nostalgia. Additionally I like painting and drawing; during my childhood I took several oil painting lessons and later manga style comic drawing courses (what can I say? the full geek bundle). In high school I worked as a graphics designer for a magazine and a newspaper, which was fun, but later found a job as a SQL server administrator and software developer, since then I have been working on the field moving from place to place until finally found my dream job.

Multimedia 8 is a product of my love for coding, media topics and graphic design; is a personal project for which I expect no economic benefit but like doing, keep that in mind when requesting features and sending me private emails :) rest assured I find them very useful, greatly appreciate them and will try to address all your suggestions or requests, but as you can imagine I have other priorities like my lovely wife and son.

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